Oaktree – Be the change

Oaktree is a fantastic youth-led Australian organisation focused on promoting human rights and the needs of those living within developing nations. Known for their yearly Live Below the Line initiative, this group of devoted young people stop at nothing to make a positive difference for those living difficult lives across the globe.

At the moment, Oaktree is turning its focus to investing in leadership within high schools across the country. Students aged 15+ now have the chance to apply to become Student Ambassadors within their schools, leading social justice initiatives and developing valuable leadership skills over the course of this semester. The organisation is super excited to get this fantastic initiative up and running. If you are interested in becoming a Student Ambassador, or want to find out more about the role, visit the website here.


‘What is poverty?’

We’re passionate about creating awareness around the issue of poverty. Of course, you know this by now. Recently we wrote an article for our friends at Togatus about misconceptions of poverty, which has recently been published in their second issue of the year. To read our article, and many others revolving around the intriguing theme of ‘Myths and Misconceptions’, visit the document here. We’re found on page 42, and we hope you enjoy.

Happy World Environment Day

We love the environment. It nurtures us. It gives us food, shelter, a million reasons to be happy. This is why celebrations such as World Environment Day are so very important to us at C2C.

Today, across the globe organisations celebrate World Environment Day, an initiative established by the United Nations with the intention of inspiring people to reconnect with the places that matter to them the most. The day is also about raising awareness for the importance of protecting our precious environment. First celebrated in 1974, this United Nations-driven celebration is hosted by a different nation each year, with Canada being the country of choice this year.

Inspiring us to care for and appreciate the glorious environment around us, World Environment Day is a fantastic initiative that we just can’t get enough of. Interested? To find out more about the celebration, and how you can join in, visit the campaign’s official website here.

Our earth is so important. Let’s treat it the way it treats us. With care and love.

Smiling at Strangers

For the first time in our five year plus history, one of our articles has been published in a magazine. Togatus, the student-led media of the University of Tasmania kindly showed interest in an article concerning the controversial concept of smiling at strangers. Delving into the social and scientific aspects of the issue, we put quite a lot of effort into this one, and truly hope you enjoy.

If you’re interested in giving our Tog debut a read, feel free to check it – and a bunch of other fantastic articles – on page 32 of the online edition here. Peace x

T’was the night before LBL

‘T’was the night before LBL, when all through the house

Not a thing was not eaten, none still left for a mouse…’


Tomorrow, we join Oaktree and thousands of other compassionate Australians in living below the line for change. What is living below the line? In 2010 a couple of mates decided they’d live on $2 a day for just one business week (five days) to raise funds and awareness for those living in extreme poverty across the world. Little did they know that this kooky idea would become a multi-million dollar fundraiser, playing a key role across the globe in educating global citizens of the dimensions and consequences of world poverty.

Live Below the Line invites any interested individuals to join in a worldwide challenge, to live on $2 worth of food each day for a week. It’s about raising funds, yes, but it all goes a bit deeper than that. At the heart of this fun, eye-opening food challenge lies a message. After five years of taking up these ‘Hunger Games’, I feel I’m finally starting to get to the heart of this message. Live Below the Line is about helping people, but above all, it’s about developing empathy. It’s about realising that, for no reason besides luck, we were born with the blessing of ample food and safety. And being born with these privileges should prompt us to realise our role as global citizens to be a voice for those not lucky enough to be born with these blessings.

To find out more about this fantastic cause, visit the website here. Why not donate to the cause, or better still, sign up yourself? You won’t regret it. Best of luck, and ‘may the odds be ever in your flavor!’

Earth Day

We love our planet. And today we have the chance to celebrate how lucky we are to have it. To live in it. To breathe it. Across the globe, the 22nd of April is recognised as Earth Day, an initiative developed with the intention to ‘diversify, educate and activate the environmental movement worldwide’ (Earth Day Network 2017). The Earth Day Network has been leading this important movement annually for years now, and strives to bring about a positive change to the precious environment of our modern world. Raising much needed funds and awareness for the protection of our wonderful planet since 1970, this action group is a prime example of how we should approach issues surrounding climate change and the damaging of natural environments across the world.

To find out more about this fantastic movement and to donate to the cause visit the initiative’s website here. From us at C2C, we wish you the happiest Earth Day. Our world is precious. Be as kind to it as it is to you.

National Youth Week

Today, a pretty great annual initiative is drawing to its close. This initiative is known as National Youth Week, a campaign designed to engage with young people across the country and celebrate the valuable contributions made by the youth of today to our society. NYW is biggest celebration of young people in the national calendar each week, and involves a wide range of events being held in each state across the nation. Whilst these events all differ, from information sessions to parties or movie nights run by PCYC and other groups, each initiative is developed with the intention of celebrating the vital role played by young people in our communities nation (and world) wide.

This year’s theme for the campaign was ‘Be bold, Be brave, Be you’, challenging young people to embrace their individuality through celebrating diversity. To find out more about this fantastic cause, visit this website.

World Water Day

March 22nd marks another important day in our Social Justice Calendar – World Water Day. This initiative aims to promote the vital importance of water conservation across the globe. According to the United Nations, over 1.8 billion individuals drink water from unclean, contaminated sources. The mission of the World Water Day initiative is therefore to promote this significant inequality, as well as the need for conserving water effectively. To find out about how you can chip in to help change this issue, visit the World Water Day website here.

Happy Harmony Day

Today we celebrate diversity. Today we celebrate our one human family. Today, with millions of Australians, we celebrate Harmony Day.

This is one of our favourite days in the year for a number of reasons. To begin with, few initiatives are developed with their purpose and aim so clearly communicated. The goal of Harmony Day is to spread a message of welcome, to remind all that they belong and feeling this sense of togetherness is their right as a member of our human family. Secondly, diversity is an asset to communities that many politicians struggle to celebrate within Western societies in this day and age. We love Harmony Day for celebrating diversity as being one of the key ingredients to positive, thriving communities. Above all things however, we appreciate this day for reminding us of our duty to welcome each other, regardless of our ethnic or cultural background, on the basis of us all belonging to the same human race.

We hope you have had the chance to acknowledge the importance of this movement today in your workplace, school, or even through social media. If you would like to find out more about this significant initiative, why not visit the campaign’s website? You can find it here.

Thank you for supporting this phenomenal movement, and remember: we all belong to the one human family, in which everyone belongs.

International Day of Happiness

The 20th of March marks a very special day in the United Nations’ calendar. This day is set aside to celebrate joy – officially titled the International Day of Happiness. The UN has established this day with the intention of prioritising the importance of promoting positive mental health, and spending time doing what you love. We love any chance to spread joy or celebrate positive change, so we have been stoked to have the chance to celebrate this special day with the UN. If you’re motivated by this movement and want to get involved in all the positivity, head on over to the day’s official website here. There you’ll be able to promote good vibes through signing the Action for Happiness pledge along with thousands of others, including us. Thanks so much for supporting this positive movement, and we hope you have smiled today!