Random Acts of Kindness Day

Kindness is contagious. There’s never a shortage of it, regardless of wherever you happen to find yourself. And the magic thing about kindness is that instead of shrinking, the more you share it, the quicker it spreads and the more it grows.

Every year, we celebrate Random Acts of Kindness Day on the 17th of February. This is a day to celebrate all of the little gestures of generosity that make life wonderful – be it holding the door open for others, or complimenting a stranger. On RAK day, we acknowledge the importance of these gestures, and the fact that true acts of charity and justice begin with the simplest acts of kindness.

The RAK message is universal, and is preached all over. Treating people with kindness isn’t difficult. It makes a mark, and leaves both giver and receiver all the better. We can’t wait to celebrate RAK day next week, and hope you’ll join us in spreading the message.

To find out more about the movement and RAK day, visit the website here.