Boundless plains to share

Asylum seekers and refugees are among the most isolated groups in our country. Sadly, we have a federal parliament in which both major authority competes in providing the most aggressive and harmful immigration policies, often resulting in alarming cases of mental illness, abuse and even death. Yet, ironically, our nation claims to spread a message of welcome, with plenty of land to share with those who need it.

In my latest article, I explore the irony of our nation’s national anthem and core values, bringing to light and reminding readers of our government’s inhumane treatment of asylum seekers in offshore processing (detention) centers, and the harm such mistreatment has resulted in. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to advocate for the human rights of those vulnerable and marginalised by those with power and authority. This was at the forefront of my mind when writing this article.

If you’re interested in reading my piece, you can find the latest edition of Togatus here, with my article on page 10.


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