The Hunger Games approach

The Hunger Games are fast approaching. One of the highlights of our social justice calendar is Oaktree’s annual Live Below the Line campaign. This initiative invites any willing volunteers across the globe to live on $2 worth of food each day for five days.

Why would they ask such a strange thing of daring individuals? The aim of the campaign is to both raise funds and awareness for the countless people living below the poverty line across the globe.

Why $2? The global poverty line divides the international population between those living on more than $2 each day, and those living on less. Partaking in this challenge therefore allows participants the chance to experience a glimpse into the life of those living below the poverty line, a practical way to change perspectives and appreciate the ignored luxuries of our daily lives.

This challenge is not for the fainthearted. I love food, and I remember my first LBL experience as one of the toughest weeks of my life so far. It taught me so much about not only the nature of poverty, but myself, and how lucky I am to be surrounded by support and access to basic needs. I could not recommend this initiative more, and would recommend it to anyone willing to sacrifice some privileges for the sake of supporting and standing in solidarity with those who need it most.

To find out more about this fantastic initiative, head over to the official website here.


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