Random Acts of Kindness Week

Have you ever had the door held open for you? Has a stranger ever complimented you on your jacket or hair? Or has a sweet message or heart been left atop your takeaway coffee from the hidden barista?

Chances are one of the above has happened to you in the past few months. Random acts of kindness have well and truly taken over the world, and without being acknowledged for doing so, these tiny demonstrations of generosity play a massive role in keeping our planet a positive one. This week, this incredibly important feat is being acknowledged through Random Acts of Kindness Week, during which the Random Acts of Kindness Foundation challenges us to promote the RAK message and spread the good vibes and gratitude, particularly back to those who we are thankful for.

Spanning February 11-17, RAK Week is an excuse for us to go out of our way to create a positive environment in our workplace, school, and home community. To find out more about this absolutely fantastic initiative, be sure to visit the official website here.

The amazing thing about kindness is its one of those rare things that doesn’t shrink, but grows the more it is shared. We’ll be trying our hardest to share it this week, and we hope you will be too.


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