The road to Anti-Poverty Week

Hasn’t this year just flown? Before we know it, we’ll be setting up the tree and hanging up lights for another Christmas season. Though I’m excited for the silly season to arrive, I think right now I’m feeling just as excited to celebrate another key event in the 2017 Social Justice Calendar.

This event, the annual Australian Anti-Poverty Week, is being led from Monday, October 16th, to Friday, October 20th, and invites us to take action on supporting those living in extreme poverty across the globe. Events in celebration of the week are being held in most states across the nation, and are a great way of joining the movement to end poverty and be an advocate for human rights within your local community. As global citizens, it is our responsibility to recognise the importance of placing the needs of the vulnerable and oppressed as our priorities, for the benefit of future generations and harmony across the world.

Change starts with taking initiative, being motivated, putting others first, and being a voice for the voiceless. Change starts with us, and without that change, our world wouldn’t already be as close as it is now to eliminating poverty. To find out more about Anti-Poverty Week – and to find events being led in your local community – visit the initiative’s official website here.


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