T’was the night before LBL

‘T’was the night before LBL, when all through the house

Not a thing was not eaten, none still left for a mouse…’


Tomorrow, we join Oaktree and thousands of other compassionate Australians in living below the line for change. What is living below the line? In 2010 a couple of mates decided they’d live on $2 a day for just one business week (five days) to raise funds and awareness for those living in extreme poverty across the world. Little did they know that this kooky idea would become a multi-million dollar fundraiser, playing a key role across the globe in educating global citizens of the dimensions and consequences of world poverty.

Live Below the Line invites any interested individuals to join in a worldwide challenge, to live on $2 worth of food each day for a week. It’s about raising funds, yes, but it all goes a bit deeper than that. At the heart of this fun, eye-opening food challenge lies a message. After five years of taking up these ‘Hunger Games’, I feel I’m finally starting to get to the heart of this message. Live Below the Line is about helping people, but above all, it’s about developing empathy. It’s about realising that, for no reason besides luck, we were born with the blessing of ample food and safety. And being born with these privileges should prompt us to realise our role as global citizens to be a voice for those not lucky enough to be born with these blessings.

To find out more about this fantastic cause, visit the website here. Why not donate to the cause, or better still, sign up yourself? You won’t regret it. Best of luck, and ‘may the odds be ever in your flavor!’


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