Relay for Life

Each year, the Cancer Council brings communities together through organising their annual fundraiser Relay for Life. This initiative sees the development of various community teams, representing schools, companies, and often social/family groups, all of which come together over the course of 24 hours to walk through the day and night. This action of relaying around the track through the chill of the night sees thousands of Australians standing in solidarity with those affected by all forms of cancer. In participating in the relay, walkers raise much needed funds for the Cancer Council, all of which are used for the benefit and support o cancer victims and their carers/families.

This event is a unique one in that it asks individuals and groups to come together from all walks of life to stand (and walk) together for a common cause. We’ve participated in this campaign before, and couldn’t recommend it any more. Relays will be occurring across the entire country over the coming weeks, so to find an event happening near you, be sure to visit the campaign’s website here. We can’t wait to be relaying again this year, and we really hope you consider joining us. Otherwise, please spread awareness for this fantastic cause through sponsoring a friend. Every donation makes a difference.


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