Real Australians Say Welcome

The refugee crisis is one of the most alarming issues of our age. Displacing tens of millions of people from their homes, the crisis is a result of seemingly uncontrollable conflict in developing regions of the world. This conflict destroys the safety and refuge of various nations across the globes, forcing individuals to flee their homeland in the hope of finding a safe place to live. Data collected by UNHCR, the United Nations’ Refugee Agency, reveals a series of alarming statistics, showing how pressing and relevant this issue really is on our global community.

According to UNHCR, in 2015, approximately 65.3 million individuals were displaced from their homes by force, with a further 10 million people being classified as stateless, denied basic rights such as access to education, employment, and the freedom of movement from one state to another. These statistics also reveal that almost 34 thousand individuals are forced to flee their homeland due to issues of safety each day.

We ask ourselves what can we do? What is the answer? Isn’t the problem just too big for us to comprehend? What we forget is that the power of social media can not be underappreciated. We have these fantastic tools with which we can connect with millions of others without even leaving our own homes. Dozens of petitions exist in support of the welcoming of refugees and asylum seekers into our nations. One of these is available to sign here. This particular petition urges the closing of Australia’s offshore detention centres on Nauru and Manus Island. These centres are the environments in which severe trauma, neglect, and abuse of human rights has occurred. If you stand for human rights, and the dignity of each human being, please sign this petition. As an individual, one may feel their voice means nothing. But a united community of voices, spreading this message of welcome and social justice, has the potential to shake the world. #BringThemHere


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