International Day of Charity

We often find ourselves underestimating the fundamental importance of charities in making the world a better place. Sometimes we forget to realise how much these agencies of change do for not only our local communities, but our one human family across the globe. Vinnies. Salvos. World Vision. Red Cross. Amnesty. The list goes on and on. These organisations are developed with the sole intention of making our world a better place, and they deserve all the praise they can get.

The United Nations is one incredible organisation. One of the many things that makes it great is the way it acknowledges significant people, places or agencies that need celebrating. And of course, this includes charities. On the fifth of September, the UN holds an annual International Day of Charity. On this day, we are invited to celebrate acts of charity across the globe, acknowledging the admirable contributions made each day by millions through donations of money, time, or random acts of kindness. Charity is what drives our good work, our call to action as humans of justice and change. And without celebrating it, something is missing to our method. To find out more about this fantastic initiative of the United Nations, visit the day’s official website here.


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