Random Acts of Kindness

Today, we’re celebrating the small things. The smile from the lady at the checkout. The conversation at the bus stop. The guy who flips his change into the tip jar. These small, random acts of kindness go a long way, and can change someone’s day from grim to spectacular. What I think makes these great is the fact that (in most cases) they cost nothing but genuine kindness and decency, and they fill you with just as much joy as the receiver of your act of kindness.

Personally, I feel these acts aren’t shared enough. In searching for positive stories for our good news Facebook page, I came across one story that made my day. This story discussed a kind stranger who would walk customers with their shopping from the supermarket to their cars in the rain. This local hero made so many people happy with a simple gesture of human goodness. And this is why I still love the world. It’s a good place, and with simple random acts of kindness, we have the power to make it even more magical for others. You can find this inspiring story online here. For more good news stories, visit our Good News Facebook page, which can be found on the right of this story.


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