LBL – C2C Wrap-Up

After what was another hugely successful Live Below the Line challenge initiated by our good friends at Oaktree, we think it’s important to reflect on the journey, and the impact that it will have on those who need support the most.

All data discussed in this report has been provided by the LBL website, which you can head to here.

As of 8:15 pm on Sunday, May 22nd (AEST), Oaktree participants have been successful in raising a total of over one million Australian dollars, with the final figure undecided until donations close later on in the year. Having said that, donations are still open, and would be greatly appreciated! Couldn’t participate this year? Why not show your support through a donation, make an impact for those who need it with a random act of kindness!

This challenge, the grand total of funds raised through the Live Below the Line challenge tipped over the nine million dollar mark, another significant milestone in Oaktree’s short but influential history. As well as this, now over forty thousand individuals have taken up the challenge since its first run in 2010.

This year, all funds are invested in developing education facilities for those growing up in Cambodia, Timor-Leste and Papua New Guinea. Already, the funds raised by our brave participants are changing lives, and regular updates regarding these projects can be received through online Oaktree newsletters.

Once again, we were proud to participate in the challenge for our fifth attempt at the challenge. Feeling ever so grateful for our food, we can only thank Oaktree for this fantastic opportunity to both appreciate our blessings, and contribute to bringing about a fairer world for all!


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