BREAKING | Children released from detention

Today, I am proud to be Australian. After quite a long time. Why is this? There is this great page I’ve liked on Facebook, called the Asylum Seeker Resource Centre, ASRC for short. This page posts regular updates on the refugee situation within Australia, and any news of changing policies, or rallies taking place across the country. Today, this page posted a photo that nearly made me scream with joy. The post read:

There are officially no children seeking ‪#‎asylum‬ left in immigration detention centres in Australia!


This is a special day. All credit goes firstly to the brave mums and dads seeking asylum that protected & saved their children and stayed strong.There are officially no children seeking ‪#‎asylum‬ left in immigration detention centres

Secondly to the civil rights movement that is the refugee movement. Together we have made it politically and morally unacceptable in Australia to imprison children in detention centres. That’s a huge victory for human rights and basic moral decency

This is a mammoth step in the Australian human rights movement, and shows the momentum of positive change that is taking our nation by storm.

On Harmony Day, the 21st of March, my school, Guilford Young College, showed its support for those seeking asylum by taking a campus photo, and spreading a social media campaign with the hashtag #GYCsayswelcome. Right now, I am both proud of my nation and my beautiful school community. Onwards and upwards for the love of the individual and support of our one human family…

GYC says welcome



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